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Specialists in building, civil engineering, groundwork and maintenance aftercare.

Comast Construction are specialists in building and civil engineering works and services, including maintenance aftercare.

We offer a full-service solution in constructing form work for complex structures, frames and basements; fixing re-enforcement for columns, floors, slabs, walls, foundations and stairs etc.  

Comast Construction has in-house expertise and proven capabilities to successfully deliver a diverse range of ground-up facilities, including; carpentry, brick / block-work and enabling services.

We have a solid and reliable reputation for groundworks and civil engineering services, including; foundations, paving, road formation, tarmacking & provide a range of drainage solutions.

Comast is very proud in the works that we carry out and in doing so we offer an aftercare team to support the maintenance aspect after the development of construction sites is completed. These works typically involve snags, defects, emergency callouts, and investigation works. 

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